3D-Printing, or Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM), is a trans-formative method of manufacturing, disrupting traditional ways of manufacture for mechanical structure and tooling.

The adoption of 3D-printing brings many benefits in lead-time reduction, raw material cost savings, and sustainable manufacturing.

Our new production facility operates with a variety of different 3D printers with several types detailed below.

BCN3D Epsilon W27

The BCN3D Epsilon W27 is a versatile industrial printer with a build volume of 420 x 300 x 220mm. The printer is used by the NISSAN production line and has the ability to print a wide array of materials including PLA, Nylon, and fibre reinforced polymers.


The BUILDER 1500 PRO is a large format industrial printer with a build volume of 1100 x 500 x 820mm. The same printer is used by AIRBUS Helicopters (France) and is ideal for printing large-scale tools, jigs, fixtures, trial-fit / prototype polymer parts.


The STRATASYS 450mc is a high temperature industrial printer with a build volume of 406 x 355 x 406mm. The printer is commonly used across high performance sectors (aerospace & F1) and is capable of printing ultra-polymers including ULTEM 9085, PEEK, PEKK, PPSU.