A slogging match

The Battalion arrived on the Normandy Beachhead 18 June. Landing by LSL. They were warned for battle on 26 June. The Regimental History describes fighting over the next 2 months…

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The mystery of JM Wilson

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In search of information

These notes mainly relate to the army, but will in a small part cover service personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. The aim of the note is to give guidance to the…

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The Royal British Legion

These wonderful emotive words were written by Lancaster's own Laurence Binyon, who was born on the 10th of August 1869 at number 1 High Street; and were first used by the British…

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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission – A Tribute

No one who has seen a Commonwealth War Graves Commission War Cemetery will need any words to recall the sheer beauty and overwhelming sense of care, pride and honour which…

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When I was a lad, at the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month everything stopped; the buses, the cars and the people. I was about seven; we were taught that…

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Introduction to the essays

A series of complementary essays giving personal accounts, and wherever possible a local flavour. It is well worth dipping into these very moving stories; they illustrate very…

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In the Footsteps of a Hero

Proud to announce “In the Foot Steps of a Hero” documentary trailer.

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